Caitlin Bennett
5 years 4 months ago

Before I decided officially that I wanted to write a book I gobbled up all the information I could online.  I suppose you could say I was a little obsessed.  I didn’t have a topic or a plan, but I just knew I wanted to write a book.  In the middle of the night I would pop awake a google “how to write a book” or “how to publish a book”.  The problem was every “expert” has different advice.  Within a week I was so baffled.  I need an agent.  I do not need an agent.  I should self-publish.  I should not self-publish.  I need a blog.  Unpublished authors should never have a blog.  I need a domain of my own name.  Unpublished authors should never have that.  I need an outline of the book.  No I guess I don’t, I can let it flow. 

By the end of a very stressful week, I decided I had enough.  While some advice out there I feel is sound, I am picking and choosing the advice I want to follow. 

I decided to make a solid outline of my book before I start. Otherwise, my book may head off in any sort of direction. And finally, I decided to hold myself to a certain number of words per week.  That was advice that every “expert” agreed on.  I’m in the really early stages, so I’m not exactly sure what’s a reasonable word count, but I think after 2 weeks I’ll have a good idea what I should do.

I guess the take away from when you research writing a book is there is a lot out there.  It’s ok to read what the “experts” say but you could never follow all of their advice.  If I could do this last week over again, I would have spent less time googling and more time relaxing and writing.


Write A Book Nook Space
5 years 4 months ago

Write a Book Nook is the method I chose to document the literary journey of writing and publishing my first book.  I hope you will follow along and if you are a first time author you I hope you are able to learn from my experiences.  I will be writing this blog until I publish, and when I get to that point, whether I sell a single book or not, I’ll consider it a success.  What’s the saying? “It’s about the journey, not the destination.” I guess writing the book is my journey and publishing will be my destination. 

There is another, more selfish reason that I’m writing this blog.  It’s to hold me accountable to finishing the project through to the end.  As anyone close to me can attest, if I’m not at the office, I tend to procrastinate.  With a full time job I know that it will be easy for me to put the book on the back burner and to say “I just didn’t have the time to finish.”  For this endeavor I made a promise to myself to make the time. 

I hope you enjoy the Write a Book Nook Project.  Feel free to leave comments about your own experiences and to follow me on Twitter and LinkedIn.   

Thank You!
Caitlin Bennett